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Winter has arrived and long gone are lovely days in the sun in flowing, floral, magic dresses laced in daydreams….but let’s not get carried away. 

The point is, don’t let the frigid, climate change induced, winters scare you away from exploring your style and living each outfit to the fullest. 

So, here are my tips for staying warm, while still looking cool as fuck. Let's get started. 


1. Classic Black Jeans

Need I say more? Classic Black Jeans are the perfect base to any outfit. They’re simple, easy to wear, and wildly comfortable. While still keeping the outfit looking polished and put-together. 

Plus, they make your legs look super looooonng and lean and who doesn’t want that!?

The coolest denim around: Faithful Jeans - Re-done, Hand-made, Vintage Denim. 

2. Grandma’s Cashmere Sweater

This classic is sure to warm up any outfit with a comfy-chic vibe, sure to make any grandma jealous. I actually stole the SOFTEST black cashmere sweater from my grandmother’s closet and now it’s an every-day go-to. 

Don’t worry! If you don’t have a super stylish grandmother to steal from, cashmere can be found in TONS of stores as well as vintage shops (which are always my favorite).

My Pick: Naadam Tie-Back Cashmere Sweater 

3. Statement Coat

There is nothing that makes a winter feel longer then a boring, shapeless, jacket or coat. 

Aim for something with a little more interest, weather it be patterned, brightly colored, or beautifully cut, find something that makes you feel ready for action!

I found my structured houndstooth blazer in a sketchy thrift store next to a rhinestone jacket...so, I guess anything is possible. 

My Picks: Zara Checked Double Breasted Jacket

4. Badass Black Boots

I couldn’t get though a winter essentials without mentioning some real-deal footwear. 

Growing up in Maine, I have learned that boots are the most important thing to survive a long winter; in style of course.

I always go for black boots as I feel they really extend your legs, especially if you’re also wearing dark skinny jeans. And they go with practically anything. Mine are a little more sleek, but I am all for the chunky boot trend too. The louder the better, am I right? 

The boots I'm wearing (on sale...you're welcome): Steve Madden Pursue Buckle Booties

5. The Details

The most important part of any outfit are the details. Anything that switches it up and makes you feel a little more creative and self-expressed. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling a hint of rocker-chic vibes. So, I made sure that my jeans and boots were fully equipped with metallic details, slight weathering, and all that jazz. I also added fishnet socks and a statement belt, also stolen from my grandmothers closet (thanks Meme!). As well as some beautiful jewelry from my wonderful friend and inspiring traveler babe’s new jewelry line, shout-out to you @rayawashere! 

Check out Raya's travel inspired jewelry: 'Samburu' Long Spear Necklace

So, those were my winter style essentials. I hope these inspire you to explore your closet (and maybe your grandmother’s) a little deeper to unveil the outfit’s of your dreams! 

Bonus Points: if you’re feeling extra inspired, share your looks with me on instagram! I can’t wait to see what you create!